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Chilli Kalamata & Halkidiki Olives

Chilli Kalamata & Halkidiki Olives 380g, 1kg and 3kg Bucket 

The combination of the South African Kalamata olives with the Greek- Halkidiki olive, adds a cosmopolitan flair to any menu. Enhanced with fresh garlic and peri-peri infused extra virgin olive oil, and a hint of crushed cayenne chillies, the Romanos Chilli Kalamata & Halkidiki olive is a favourite for those who like a little spice in their life.

When refrigerated the peri-peri infused extra virgin olive oil will turn thick and buttery, which adds an extra oomph to stir-fry’s. Or, if you prefer the oil rich and runny, let it melt at room temperature before dipping in crusty chunks of ciabatta bread.

All Romano products are created using 100% natural products. We never add sugar, water and starches, nor use preservatives, colourants and flavourings in our products.

This product is made in a factory that uses nuts. 

The 3kg buckets of tapenades and pesto's are perishable and have a refrigerated shelf life of 8 weeks.

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