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Sweet and Sour Kalamata Olives

Sweet & Sour Kalamata Olives 380g, 1kg and 3.5kg Bucket 

We celebrate the South African Kalamata olive by giving it two profiles. The sweetness comes from our honey infused Tangy Balsamic marinade. The sourness comes from our artisanal pickled onions , dill pickles and red peppers. The Kalamata olives will absorb the flavour of the tangy balsamic marinade

The marinade should not be discarded. Just add Dijon mustard to the marinade , give it a good shake to create a fresh and tangy salad dressing. These pickle-sweet infused olives are very complimentary to cheese platters and tapas boards.

All Romano products are created using 100% natural products. We never add sugar, water and starches, nor use preservatives, colourants and flavourings in our products.

This product is made in a factory that uses nuts. 

The 3.5kg buckets of tapenades and pesto's are perishable and have a refrigerated shelf life of 8 weeks.

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