Discover our Process, Quality & Values


Our skilled team are passionate about what they do, working together to create our range of artisanal Mediterranean foods.

From hand selecting the highest quality ingredients, combining them to create delectable flavours, right through to packaging them, for your enjoyment.



The quality of all our ingredients is the cornerstone of our artisanal process. We only source the highest quality ingredients directly from farmers and ethical suppliers. 


We view our suppliers, our artisanal team and our customers as being part of the same creative process. At no stage in creating our products do we allow the pricing of ingredients to compromise our quality. We believe the farmer must receive the price he or she needs to run a successful enterprise. That way we create the highest quality products for our customers.

Our Promise

We promise to maintain our ethical values as a world class artisanal producer of Mediterranean food products.

All Romano products are created using 100% natural products. We do not add sugar, water, starches, preservatives, colourants or flavourants to our products.

We promise to respect and value our relationship with our suppliers, team members and customers.

Our distribution

Romano’s products are available through delivery and a number of stockists nationwide catering to diverse groups of customers with one very special thing in common, a sophisticated palate accustomed to fine food.